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The Final Cut Bro

Pro Zooms For Final Cut Pro

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Get rid of Final Cut Pro's frustrating keyframe system, and level up your editing with this POWERFUL zoom plugin!

Built from the ground up with simplicity for editors in mind.

Featuring extremely easy to use On Screen Controls, complete control over speed settings, zoom modes and pan modes. Plus everything has been created to work perfectly with square and vertical video formats!


Requires Final Cut Pro 10.4+

Pro Zoom :

A 0-2 second zoom that allows you to punch in on a subject in your video.

Pro Pan :

Works with Pro Zoom, allows you to pan the camera to a new destination AFTER you have already zoomed in. Must be applied underneath Pro Zoom.

Pro Burns :

A zoom that can be stretched out to infinity. Acts just like the Ken Burns feature in Final Cut Pro, but adds functionality such as adding stopping points and rotation.

Pro Burns Pan :

Works with Pro Burns, but allows you to move the camera in a different direction midway through a camera zoom. Must be applied underneath Pro Burns.

Vertical Formats :

Every one of these titles comes with a vertical and square version. So you can use this to create your latest Short, TikTok and Reel!

Effect & Title Versions :

Apply these as a title when you want an entire scene to zoom or pan. Or apply it as an effect to individual layers to draw attention to a certain subject!